The Characters

Berek: A young human that was forced into slavery ten years previous. He’s become a great warrior in the pit fights but he struggles to understand his special ability or destiny.

Gilliam: Berek’s uncle, Gilliam is a cleric of Fallor on a quest to find his faith. He’s concerned at the powers his nephew possesses believing the young man’s soul is at stake.

Galin : A Dwarven metalsmith, he befriends and joins Berek when he learns of the danger Berek’s in.

Viola: A young street urchin trying to become a powerful mage, she lives with her friend Janessa in Hope.

Janessa: A Halfling raised by humans after being abandoned, Janessa is a thief with a heart of gold and takes a great deal of pride in her craft.

Mern: An elderly human mage, he appears to Viola as a way for her to achieve her goals of becoming a powerful mage.

Renard: Owner of Renard’s Company and a ruthless human that has no regard for the lives or well being of others aside from himself and his faithful pet


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